Homework #1

1.7) a.Ratio b.Ratio c.Ordinal d.Nominal e.Ratio f.Ratio g.Nominal h.Interval
1.8) a.Ordinal b. Ratio c.Nominal d.Ratio e.Ratio f.Ratio g.Nominal h.Ordinal
1.9) a.900 b.35 c. Average Satisfaction of sample space d. Census satisfaction score

Case Study
1. They could have asked teenagers to take part in the study as well as men ages 25 to 54. They did not attempt to contact entire population rather just 1000 pizza lovers and a marketing group focused on women ages 25 to 54. They used their results to make pizza that had restaurant quality, had flavor variety and was fast and easy.
2. a.Ratio b.Ratio c.Nominal d.Ratio e.Interval f.Ordinal g.Ordinal h.Ordinal i.Ordinal j.Nominal k.Nominal
An question I would of asked the focus group is the customers annual income to determine the price of the pizza.

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